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I am Mario Anthony Russo, I am a natural-born & educated “Creativist”! I will explain what this is to you, but not now. I do not want to get into me at this time. In the weeks and months ahead I shall share with you leads, links & insights into myself and into some really provocative areas of my past, current and future work.

My purpose here is to share, contribute and offer my expertise in helping people reach a level of consciousness which first connects, and which then opens the doors to their “True-Self”! To give my version of a “Wake-Up!” call. These years of experience from living a totally ‘Creative Life’ — will bring to millions of people, and possibly you reading this, closer to connecting with what I believe is our greatest gift. Together with our Reason, the most important mental faculty we have is our Creativity! Our Personal Creative Power!

The people of the United States, and indeed the World, are at the most important ‘cross-roads-in-time’ of all human history! What is horrifying and disorienting with respect to the masses, is they are clueless by external and internal conditioning. And, primarily because they have been denied, or, have shut-down their personal creative power! This is an EMERGENCY! They scream; “Creativity is not that important”! Yet, it is used to control us and everything else! It’s the ‘Life’ in our life & death situation! Well, I’m here to help you get it back!

As will be suggested, there is a wide-range of proprietary mental technologies, methods, exercises, new games and techniques which will be made available. And, I suggest you want to do it all through a Balanced Brain! A ‘Total Brain Creativity’ technology. This is “Good Stuff” you’re gonna get! If you’re interested in ‘Waking Up!’ your personal creative power once and for all by being creatively powerful in all areas of your Life… stay tuned!

The information and material is copyrighted and WORKS!

Whenever possible, get in on my beta-list for FREE stuff by coming back to this blog!

Talk soon!


Notice: I publicly state here that I am the creator of all my technologies including Total Brain Creativity and its’ original website. This is one of the reasons I have the Copyrights & Trademarks statement on top of this home page. The other reason is, I am, at this time, in the process of retrieving my original website: TotalBrainCreativity.com from my former ISP.

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Hello world!

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